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Best Vintage Shopping in Alexandria | Latest Finds @ Evolution Home Episode 39 Part 1

On my Instagram page (@BellaCasaScott) & YouTube channel (@BellaCasaScott), I post weekly short video Episodes in an ongoing series to share my home decor and antiques "Finds" from Evolution Home, which is located in West End Alexandria (861 S. Pickett St.) next to Aslin Beer & Habitat for Humanity. Follow Evolution Home on Instagram @evolutionhome.

If you are shopping for great choices in home decor or antiques in Northern Virginia, Evolution Home is most definitely a place to visit. Often. Really Often. In my experience, EH offers the best home decor and vintage shopping in Alexandria.

Although I already brought home two Secretary desks from EH (Episode 31 & upcoming episode), this desk was coming home with me the moment I first saw. The Patina and details are fabulous.

I am convinced EH decided to run an experiment to see if they could entice me to complete the Secretary Trifecta. EH knows me well as a customer. Very well.

Part 2 will address just how many of the 20 items shown on the Secretary came from EH. Here's a hint. A lot.


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