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Landmark Mews From Above

The images below show Landmark Mews from above, with a Community street map and a satellite image showing how much green space Landmark Mews enjoys from its location adjacent to Bren Mar Park.  The map at bottom of Inside the Beltway shows just how close Landmark Mews is to Everything, including Washington, DC.

Landmark Mews is a residential island of Green, which is rarely found Inside the Beltway when coupled with the benefit of immediate access to 395/Beltway/95, the West End of Alexandria bordering Overlook, and the Pentagon and Washington, DC less than 13 miles away.

The green space with ball field to the right of Landmark Mews is Stevenson Park, which is an 8.5 acre City of Alexandria park.

The white dotted line at top right marks the City of Alexandria line.

Landmark Mews is located within a 10-15 minute walk of Fairfax County's Bren Mar Park, which is a 32 acre park of mature trees, Turkeycock Run stream, Truss bridges, and walking trails to enjoy.  The Park is the large green area shown in the adjacent photo. 


Check out the video of Bren Mar Park on the "Landmark Mews & Nearby" page of this website.  A nice walk indeed.

Landmark Mews & Bren Mar Park - GIS Outline (Satellite)_edited.jpg
Landmark Mews - OpenStreetMap - Street Map_edited.jpg

Landmark Mews is Close to...Everything.

(Annapolis) Landmark Mews - Close to Everything Photo.png
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