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Never Too Much Waterford | Best Vintage & Home Decor Shopping in Alexandria

On my Instagram page (@BellaCasaScott) & YouTube channel (@BellaCasaScott), I post weekly short video Episodes in an ongoing series to share my home decor and antiques "Finds" from Evolution Home, which is located in West End Alexandria (861 S. Pickett St.) next to Aslin Beer & Habitat for Humanity. Follow Evolution Home on Instagram @evolutionhome.

In my admittedly biased view, you can never have too many Waterford decanters. Or Waterford anything. EH usually has several Waterford pieces to browse. I recently picked up a Lismore pedestal cake stand, which is something that I had not come across in my antiquing and home decor travels. The Italian Marquetry tray under the decanters was also a nice find at EH.

If you are shopping for great choices in home decor or antiques in Northern Virginia, Evolution Home is most definitely a place to visit. Often. Really Often. In my experience, EH offers the best home decor and vintage shopping in Alexandria.


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