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2023 Fairfax County Property Tax - LOWER Rate, But HIGHER Tax Bill

On May 9th, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisor's approved the FY 2024 budget (starting July 1st), which lowered the 2023 Fairfax property tax rate to $1.095 per $100 of assessed value (vs. the $1.11 rate for 2022). The County Executed proposed a $1.11 rate in February 2023, which was the same as the 2022 rate.

Although the rate decreased, the average property owner's tax bill will increase by $412 due to higher assessed property value. The average 2023 property tax bill is 6.97% higher than 2022.

In the Mason District, which includes the Alexandria portion of the County, the average increase in the 2023 assessed value for residential property is 6.34% versus 6.97% County-wide.

County-wide the assessment increases by property type are as follows:

  • Single family: +7.8%

  • Townhouse: +6.31%

  • Condo: +3.98%

The first half 2023 property tax bill is due on July 5th. The second half 2023 property tax bill is due on December 5th.


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