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West End Alexandria - Did You Know? What is the New Inova Alexandria Hospital Campus?

Next in a series of video updates on Northern Virginia Real Estate development projects that affect the West End of Alexandria.

Inova is building a World-class medical campus as the cornerstone of the WestEnd Alexandria, which is the City of Alexandria's project to reshape the West End. This video provides a summary as of Fall 2022 on the new Inova Alexandria Hospital Campus.

The WestEnd Alexandria project replaces the former Landmark Mall, which has now been demolished. Infrastructure grading work on the WestEnd Alexandria project started in Fall 2022.

This video is based upon an exhaustive review of public information from the City of Alexandria, Inova, the local developer (Foulger-Pratt), and media sources. I review and summarize this mind-numbing amount of information so you do not have to, yet can still understand the details of Inova's new Alexandria Hospital Campus.

The video addresses:

✔️What is the Inova Hospital Campus?;

\✔️New Inova Alexandria Hospital;

✔️Level II Trauma Center;

✔️Hospital Helipad;

✔️Inova Schar Cancer Institute;

✔️Specialty Care Center;


✔️The Timeline;

✔️WestEnd Alexandria Project Summary; &

✔️The effect of development projects on real estate in the West End of Alexandria.


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